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Is that a radio you created with that dial?

New dials in Storyline 360

I’ve been playing around with dials since Articulate 360 was launched a couple weeks ago, so I was very pleased to see this week’s e-learning heroes challenge was about using interactive knobs and dials in e-learning.

New dials in Storyline 360

If you’d like to learn about the basics of dials, scroll down to watch a couple of videos I recorded before this challenge.

Where would you see a dial?

So how could you use a dial in an e-learning course? The first thing that springs to mind are machines, right? If you look at the inside of a car, for example, there are all sorts of dials and knobs.

The second thing I thought of though was a good, ol’ fashioned radio! I set to create a radio complete with white noise in between stations.

See? Retro radio

My radio

I looked around for images I could use for the look and feel and settled on a retro look—reminded me of my nana’s radio. The rest was quite simple:

  1. Choose 12 tunes the radio would play
  2. Source a white noise audio file to play in between stations
  3. Create layers for each of the audio files
  4. Insert the dial and place on the radio
  5. Create a bunch of triggers to show the different layers as the dial is turned

Voila! The radio works! See it for yourself:

Launch Presentation

VIDEO: How to create a radio using the new dial feature in Storyline 360

I also recorded a video on how I created this radio:

VIDEO: Storyline 360 – Dial Basics

VIDEO: Storyline 360 – Create a simple timer using the Dial feature



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