E-learning Noir

Black and white, oh so chic

While I am a big fan of bright colours—you should have seen my wardrobe in the 90s—every time I see an e-learning course or demo that uses only black and white, I can’t help but love it. It just looks so elegant and minimal.

That’s why I jumped on board straight away when Dave Anderson announced the latest e-learning heroes challenge: E-learning Noir.

Past noir

I remembered a couple of demos I did not so long ago that used mostly black and white:

Crime Scene Investigation (click to check it out)


Elegant dessert menu (click to check it out)


But I vowed to make something new for this challenge that was strictly B&W.

Artists do monochrome

I started to think about a topic that would be suited to black and white. OHS? Something to do with the mafia? Arson? And then I thought about artists. Surely there are artists out there who work in black and white?

I Googled it and found this article: Top Ten Artists Working in Monochrome.

In black and white

So, I created a simple interaction showcasing the paintings of these ten artists that appeared in the article.

Click Play below to check it out:

Launch Presentation

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