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Anthropomorphic characters

The latest challenge set by Articulate’s challenger supreme, Dave Anderson, asked participants to use unconventional characters in an e-learning course or sample. Enter: anthropomorphic characters! Say what?! Making something ‘anthropomorphic’ simply means attributing humans characteristics to non-human things, like animals or objects.

Now, some of you know that I plant vegies and fruit trees; sometimes, I wish my fruits and vegies would tell me just what they need to grow. With that in mind, I created an interaction where a tree does just that: tell the learner what to do to help it grow.

Please, please, help me grow


I decided on a nice greeny colour scheme, found some cool vector images on Pixabay and set to work. I kept everything in shades of green and brown (or, some might say, green and poo colour). I wanted to make an interaction featuring some of Storyline 2’s animations, so I decided to make the talking tree direct the learner to use the items (or, buttons) to help it grow. On click, the relevant layer plays showing the learner what to do with that item.

Behold! The flying watering can!

Talking Tree

Without further ado, see the result by clicking Play below. Now, you too can plant a tree.

Launch Presentation
Apparently sun helps plants grow, thank you talking tree!

Did you enjoy this? Let me know in the comments below!

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