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Category: Reflections

Veronica B looks back

The ADDIE framework

The ADDIE framework—Analyse, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate—is a well-known model used by learning designers to design and develop courses. It’s traditionally known as a ‘waterfall’ model in the sense that once the water falls, you can’t get it back. So, once a stage in ADDIE is complete, no changes are possible once you move…

Clipart: So 80’s

Clipart is so 80’s, am I right, people? Sure it is. There’s no point trying to deny it. Any 80’s kid with even the slightest interest in computers tried to make use of cheesy Clipart at every opportunity. Illustrations jazz any subject up, right? That’s why images of ice creams and vintage cars were crammed—no matter how inappropriately—in the…