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Heroes challenge: Valentine, be mine

This week, the E-learning Heroes’ challenge was to to design a Valentine’s Day themed interactive graphic, demo, or activity. I love love, so I put in an entry. Plus, I’ve been looking for an excuse to play around with Storyline 2’s quick and easy slider interactions.

So, for imagery, I selected a wedding-themed vector set from my library of e-learning goodies. I then tweaked the colours, settling on bright and light pinks with washed-out greens. That is the classic Valentine’s day colour combination, right?

The story is simple (like Woody from Cheers): boy meets girl; boy likes girl; boy doesn’t know how to impress her on Valentine’s Day.


Because cheesiness doesn’t have to be yellow.

For those of you who haven’t yet tried Storyline 2’s slider interaction feature, here is a quick run-down:


PS: By the way, Tim and Mimi got hitched and lived happily ever after. They are as perfectly matched as Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan …as Woody from Cheers and Kelly, who was occasionally on Cheers …as pink and green.

Click below for a live demo of my pink and green Valentine’s-themed slider interaction:

Launch Presentation
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