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Interactive Conversation in Storyline 2

Lately I’ve been making a lot of interactions aimed at kids, which is weird because most of my projects are for companies and universities. I guess that’s what having young children does to ya’. So, when Dave Anderson posted the challenge to design an interactive conversation, I decided I would go all grown up… grown-up, but not boring.

fair boss 4
See? Not boring

The Inspiration

I sought out to look for something to do… Crickets….. Crickets…… Crickets…. Until I decided to visit and bam! The first article I saw was “How to be fair”. One of the three areas for being fair was as a boss, so I chose that one. Besides, one of the others was being fair as a parent, and I am the fairest parent you will ever find, right kids?

The Idea

Using this article as the inspiration and basic content, I decided to create a casual-sounding interactive conversation where the learner answers questions and, along the way, learns about how to be a fair boss. I recorded the audio myself, so forgive that. If this were for a client, I’d get it recorded professionally, of course.

fair boss 1
That’s what I look like when I’m woken at 3am

The Process

My tool of choice: Articulate Storyline 2. Technically, this was a relatively simple interaction to build. Writing the script was the main job here; you can spend hours and hours refining what is really a pretty short script. I added some humour to it, so I hope you think it’s kinda funny too. The second most time-consuming aspect was timing the audio to the animated objects appearing on and disappearing from the screen.

As for the ‘look’, I’d been wanting to use this “Hipster” set of vector images I had accrued, so I massaged some of the images in Illustrator from the different, but similar style, sets, and voila.

Click Play below to see the live demo, and do leave a comment below with your feedback or any questions!

fair boss 3
Clicky clicky below to see the demo
Launch Presentation
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  1. veronica, this is so darling and helpful! i love the whimsical way that you address a very serious topic. We can always use that in the training world. Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks Ann! I’m so glad you found it useful!

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