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Oddest e-learning course titles

The challenge this week was to create a cover slide for an odd e-learning title. I’ve been busy at work this week and a bit time-poor, but after reading about it, I couldn’t resist: this quirky little activity seemed like just the right rib tickling opportunity to blow off some steam.

So, when I cornered my creative partner on a coffee break we had ourselves a good ol’ fashioned brainstorm.
In the first minute, we set the parameters: The objective: humour. Given work demands–the practical priority was fast execution.
In the second minute, we proposed the method: puns, twists, parodies and pop-cultural references.
In the third minute, I went to the toilet. I’m not sure what David was doing, but what I was doing definitely doesn’t deserve further elaboration.
In the fourth and fifth minutes, we wrote down any corny idea that came to mind.

In the sixth minute I shredded most of the scribbled lines (I remember something about ‘Embezzled (in the style of Brendan Fraser’s 2000 cinema classic Bedazzled)’ and ‘Sex, drugs and rocks & roll: Geology with Charlie Sheen’). With the rest in scraps, I was left with two of the corniest.

A quick storm’s a good storm, so I took the remaining two to development… by which I mean, my computer.

Quite a few minutes later… (click the play button below to see some very minor animations)

To Brie or not to Brie
Forensic phrenology, or "Does the shape of your head matter?"
Forensic phrenology, or “Does the shape of your head matter?”

Credit where credit is due:

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