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90 Things to do in iso

This week’s e-learning heroes challenge asked us to create dynamic e-learning using the random number variable–an amazing Storyline 360 feature!

Is 90 enough?!

I really tried to get something up for the recent COVID-19 challenge, but alas ran out of time. My idea was around a random activity picker, so, this week’s challenge suited me to a tee!

This interaction has two slides: an intro slide and the interaction slide. The latter has two layers: the base layer where the TAP button and all 30 tiles live, and a layer for the transition where the tiles change colour on and off for a couple of seconds.

The activity is revealed after the transition: a random number variable determines which tile is shown. Each tile has a normal state (initial) and 3 custom states, each with a unique activity.

Tap the button to randomly generate a cool activity!

Can you guess how many trigger were required?!

Have a play!

Check it out below!

Launch Presentation

Video tutorial

Under the hood

Download source file here:

Fonts used:

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