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Ethics course makeover

I went a little 70s this week! Dave Anderson asked challengers to perform a makeover on a government ethics course, which I’m sure we all agree could be a little more engaging.

I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of text in that course—though the challenge was clear to say that we could just focus on a single topic or idea—and I wasn’t sure what to do.

Earlier this week, however, I had a conversation with someone I’m working with on a project for a client. We were discussing custom menus, and as an example I said: Well, you could use the Storyline built-in menu on one side of the spectrum, or you could create a fully custom menu with a 70s disco theme… haha.

It was settled: Disco theme for my ethics course!

Finally, a chance to use the ‘glow’ effect; look at that heading glow!

From a learning point of view, I remember years ago discussing how compliance or accredited training could benefit from having really robust assessment before the course, so people who were already compliant could prove it, and not have to sit through an entire course. Or, the assessment could determine the areas where they were OK and those that needed reviewing.

So, I decided to take 4 of the 6 questions from this ethics course—all of which were predictably placed at the end of each section—and create an assessment that would do just that… in demo form of course. I do not claim here that if you pass this assessment you are automatically an ethics expert!

Here is my demo, hit PLAY!

Launch Presentation

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