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Four ways with number variables

This week’s e-learning heroes challenge is about variables—number variables to be exact. For my entry this week I decided to share a demo I created that I use to train people in more advanced Storyline skills.

This demo uses all variable types, i.e. T/F, text and number. The number variables are used for four different purposes.

Number variable to keep count of dropped objects

The first use is a simple counter that adds up how many objects the learner has dropped on the target. The activity requires them to drop four, so each item is counted and when the count reaches four, the feedback layer shows.

Number variable to keep track of money spent

This is similar to the above, but this time the learner is selecting (clicking) objects to purchase. The number variable starts off with a defined number (amount of money) and each time the learner selects an object to purchase, the money count gets deducted.

Number variable to create a timer

In this case, the number variable is used to keep time. It starts at 30 seconds, and counts backwards until it reaches zero.

Number variable to keep score

In the same activity above we also use a number variable to keep score. Correct selections add two points and incorrect selections deduct one point.

Click PLAY below to check out this whole demo! (Sorry, can’t share this file)

Launch Presentation

As always, leave any questions in the comments, and if you liked this demo, feel free to share!

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