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Update published text quickly with Storyline

Hypothetical: Client ZYX operates in a heavily regulated field. They hire you to develop an on-screen text-based course to train their staff about their legal obligations. They’ve got smart legal people who give you all the facts that need to be taught. You take those facts and transform them into a sharp series of 100 slides that both teaches and assesses all the important points, remaining dazzlingly entertaining all the while.

ZYX launches the course, and it’s a great success. Compliance is achieved, the company’s liability lawyers are calmed and their reputation is secured. It almost goes without saying that the learners break into rapturous applause every time they think about their most-satisfying of e-learning experiences.

Three Styles of Clap
Rigid? Casual? Oddly embracing? What sort of clapper are you?

Just one little thing: Three months later, ZYX are still blissfully delivering the training course when the laws that govern their industry change. Lucky for them, it’s only a few minor changes. Unluckily, it renders 10 slides from your 100 slide course incorrect. Overnight, the course has gone from easy and entertaining compliance to yesterday’s news. It’s still 90% correct, but the law is typically pretty strict about only awarding pass marks for 100%.

Only 10 slides out of 100 need to change. It can’t be that hard, can it?

It can be truly simple.

If the client has a Storyline licence and they know how to use it, they can get right in there, crack your course open and put a new yolk in there all by themselves. Unfortunately, most organisations don’t have a Storyline license.

Let’s say ZYX didn’t have a Storyline license. They relied completely on external providers to develop and maintain their e-learning suite.]

There’s two ways ZYX can go about getting the course up to date. Both work, but only one is quick, easy and reliable.

The most obvious manner is not the quickest, easiest nor most reliable one. If ZYX has a Storyline Developer that wasn’t you, they might follow a process similar to this:

  1. A legal expert from ZYX goes through all the screens in the course to identify what needs to be updated. This will include completing activities and quizzes along the way in order to keep progressing. This can take ages.
  2. Then, the legal expert documents all the required changes, making sure to identify the correct screen. Because screens are often not numbered, this can be tricky. So, the legal expert has to use a lot of detail to be certain that the correct screen is identified. This takes more time.
  3. Then, this document is sent to the Storyline developer, who deciphers the client-side screen descriptions and tries to figure out what the notes about the corrections mean.
  4. The legal expert then checks the Storyline eveloper has made proper sense of their hand-writing.
  5. Because the Storyline developer is totally awesome and a bit lucky, the amendments have all been done right first time. So, the subject matter expert approves the redeveloped course.
  6. Finally, the developer re-publishes the course and it is re-uploaded to the Learning Management System.

Yeah, could do that. It’s a method that works. But those legal people are costing ZYX a fistful of dollars. Good old ZYX would be thankful if you could make it easier, faster, better.

Thankfully, ZYX have got you as their Storyline developer. You know the secret of making this process a whole lot easier, and you’re willing to share it with them.

ZYX’s legal team can make their changes directly to a Microsoft Word transcript of the course. Then you, the Storyline developer, can make their dreams a reality by directly importing the Word document into the course content. The legal experts do their job once, and with the convenience of a transcript. The developer implements the changes precisely and without any risk of introducing errors. If the changes they made to the transcript were all correct, then that’s the legal expert’s job done. The upload process is infallible, so the legal eagles don’t even need to re-review the course to check that it’s okay.

Old fashioned lawyer man
They probably will, but they certainly don’t have to.

If you’re not altogether sure how to do it, have no fear. We are sure. We’re sure and we’re willing to share our certainty with you.

The video below shows how you can give Client ZYX everything they need, in a fraction of the time, at a skerrick of the cost, on a house with a mouse, here or there or anywhere.

It’s super easy. Just watch:

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  1. Sabine Sabine

    Veronica: Thank you for generously sharing this information!

    You have saved me so much time!!
    We have work in a highly specific regulated environment, not to mention SMEs who keep changing their mind! Now they can directly input edits. This will save us weeks and weeks of development time!

  2. Hi Sabine,

    I’m glad it’s useful to you. It’s a great ‘hidden’ tool. You just need to make sure that no one makes any changes to the other parts of the document, that they only edit the text 🙂

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